eKlenz Keyboard, Remote Control, Game Controller, Telephone Cleaner

eKlenz Electronics Cleaner


  • MULTI-USE: Precision cut to clean laptop, notebook, low profile computer keyboard, TV remote control, game controller, gamepad or telephone
  • 10 Individually packaged cleaners premoistened with antibacterial solution
  • 99.9% effective and helps stop the spread of cold, flu and germs
  • Safe and quick way to wipe clean and remove dust, grease, oil and grime on and between buttons and keys – Leaves your devices virtually spotless
  • Widely used in dental & medical clinics, hospitals, hotels, offices, schools, libraries, home and more
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    Product Description

    Finally, an easy way to clean your laptop, notebook, low profile PC or Mac keyboard, remote control, game controller, telephone or anything with a keypad!

    eKlenz Electronics Cleaners are 99.9% effective and help stop the transmission of cold, flu and germs and promotes a healthy environment at home, work and while traveling. They are uniquely designed to clean and remove dust, dirt, grease and grime from keys and buttons and cleans the hard to reach areas on your devices. They clean better than compressed air or canned air dusters. Convenient, affordable and leaves your electronic devices virtually spotless, there are no other cleaners like it!

    Made in USA | Dimensions: 2.0×1.2×0.5 inches | Contains isopropyl alcohol


    How to Use an eKlenz Electronics Cleaner


  • Place packet on a flat surface
  • Before opening, roll your fingers back and forth several times to distribute cleaning solution
  • Rub the electronics cleaner between and top of the buttons using all sides of the cleaner
  • Let keyboard, remote control, telephone, game controller or keypad air dry
  • Discard electronics cleaning foam swab after one use